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Cloud-based backup provider Crashplan (which we mentioned in Do You Have a Backup Plan? announced in August that it would no longer offer subscriptions designed for home or personal use. Current users’ plans would continue to run for a little over a year, until October 2018 when the Home version of their product would be shuttered completely. (Crashplan will continue to offer their Small Business package.)

Although this news is understandably frustrating to current Crashplan users, there are a number of reliable online backup providers, several of which are currently offering discounts, including:

  • Spideroak (currently offering free 21-day trial and 30% discount on subscriptions)
  • Backblaze
  • IDrive (currently offering 25% discount)
  • Carbonite (currently offering 15 day trial and 25% discount)

Here’s a comparison chart outlining the features of these and a few others as of February 2016.

Spideroak is a ProfHacker favorite in part because of its strong security: see SpiderOak as a Secure Alternative to Dropbox and SpiderOak Step by Step. But any of these providers can give you peace of mind in case of hard drive failure, natural disaster, or human error. (Of course, as Mark suggests, once you set up your backup system, check it periodically to make sure its backing everything up that you wanted.)

Don’t delay: it’s better to just pick a plan and start backing up your important files and photos than be the guy who runs into a burning building to get his laptop.

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Are you a Crashplan user looking for a new solution? Let us know in the comments!

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