Email Overload? A Review of Sanebox, an Email Management Tool


I often refer to my inbox as the abyss from which few return, given how overwhelmed I generally am. Faced with a constant email deluge, I’m always worried that I will forget to answer important emails (I do), or even non-urgent ones that may fall off the face of the earth once they get buried at the bottom of my to-answer pile.

I’ve been trying out Sanebox, an email overload solution, for the past month and have been using it enough to warrant forking out money for their paid services. Sanebox easily integrates with Gmail and other email services. Its algorithms scan your inbox for you, place any email that is “unimportant” into a SaneLater folder, and sends you an email at intervals which summarizes these emails for you. You can also set up some additional folders such as SaneBlackHole, to which you can drag emails to if you never want to see them again, and folders like SaneTomorrow and SaneNextWeek, which will re-pop these emails to the top of your inbox at the time that you assign. There’s also a feature called SaneReminders, which reminds you to re-ping a contact if they have not responded to your email by a certain time.

I really like Sanebox. Despite being a fast reader, I find it calming to only see an inbox of more urgent emails and have to click through to see the less important ones. Sanebox does a decent job of learning what is important and unimportant, and your actions train it to function even better. The algorithms work better, in my experience, than the ones that the Gmail Priority Inbox uses. I’m also a big fan of the deferral folders because there are many emails I know that I will need to resend myself at a future date, and Sanebox lets you click and drag multiple emails at once to these folders, rather than having to do them one by one.

After using Sanebox for the entire trial period for free, I bit my tongue and bought a paid version which allows continued use to the deferral folders. If you’re interested in trying out Sanebox, my referral link will give you $5 of credit. (Full Disclosure: if you sign up using my link, I will also get $5 of credit. However, I purchased Sanebox using my own money and was not contacted and did not receive any compensation for reviewing the product.) My life is a little “saner” using this service, although there are still emails that slip through the cracks.

Do you use a service like Sanebox to help manage your email? What are your favorite strategies for managing email? Please sharein the comments.

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