Manage Classes in WordPress with ScholarPress Courseware

We write about WordPress all the time at ProfHacker. A few years ago, David Parry wrote specifically about using WordPress as a learning management system for his classes. This semester, I decided to take that leap, and have been managing my courses through my own WordPress installation:

Particularly helpful to this transition has been the the ScholarPress Courseware plugin, which allows users to easily create course schedules, assignments, and bibliographies within WordPress. Installing Courseware is easy. You can follow the directions on the website to install it manually via FTP, or you can click Plugins –> Add New within the WordPress Administrative interface, search for Courseware, and clicking “Install Now” next to “SP Courseware.”

Once installed, it’s easy to create new schedule items:

Screenshot from ScholarPress Courseware | Schedule ‹ Literary Theory & Writing — WordPress

Screenshot: click to enlarge.

Have you used Scholarpress Courseware (or a similar plugin) to manage classes in WordPress? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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