Seriously, if the name alone of this new platform doesn’t make you want to at least check it out, we can’t be friends.

From our friends at Birkbeck’s Centre for Technology and Publishing, who brought us the Open Library of Humanities, comes Janeway, a new platform for publishing open-access journals. It’s an open-source platform, and its goal is to be easy-to-use and sustainable, as well as flexible.

According to Andy Byers, Lead Developer on the projects, “my experience with some of the existing platforms was one of frustration — complex architectures that were difficult to maintain unless you knew them inside out. The goal with Janeway was to have a fast, modern web framework do most of the lifting so that we can concentrate on the features that open-access publishers need.”

So those frustrated with Open Journal Systems (OJS), rejoice! It can import from OJS. It’s still in beta testing phases, so they are inviting people to install it and try it out.


Image by Ina Centaur licensed CC-BY 2.0