New Version of Omeka Released


Here at ProfHacker, we’re fans of Omeka, the content management system for scholarly projects (from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. See, for example, Julie Meloni’s “A Brief Introduction to Omeka,” Jeffrey McClurken’s “Teaching with Omeka” and “ Beta Launches,” Konrad Lawson’s “Omeka 2.0 Is Here” and “Add Space and Time to Your Omeka Exhibits.”

Well, now we learn from a recent announcement by Sharon Leon that there’s a new version of Omeka available: Omeka S. So what makes this version different? According to “What to expect in Omeka S,”

Omeka S focuses on two core needs:

Multiple sites with easy IT administration: Omeka S has been built to address the needs of institutions that want to stand up multiple sites. These might be medium to large GLAM organizations with many subgroups that want to publish their content, or they might be universities with many instructors using Omeka in different pedagogical contexts, or any number of broad uses that call for some centralized IT management that facilitates easy creation of new sites for presentation and interpretation of many resources. A rough analogy to a WordPress networked installation works, but our design is significantly different from that model.

Data exchange: Omeka S emphasizes easy interaction between different data sources. This is most clearly reflected in our use of Linked Open Data principles. Our API functions through JSON-LD, and our metadata entry expands beyond Dublin Core and facilitate using additional vocabularies.

For more information, you can visit the Omeka S home page, read the end user documentation, peruse the project wiki, explore the forum discussions, or watch this introductory video:

Tour Omeka S from Omeka on Vimeo.

How about you? Are you an Omeka user? Are you pleased to see this new version released? Alternately, if you’ve never used Omeka before, will Omeka S tempt you to give it a try? Please share in the comments.

[Lead image from Sheila Brennan's presentation "Next Gen Omeka."]

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