Resolutions. Do you make ‘em? What are they?

In last Wednesday’s open thread, Courtney brought up “resolutions for next semester, and how to make the most of winter break.” Now I realize that it’s the end of the semester for most of us and that everyone is up to their neck in grading and writing and and planning for the holidays and perhaps preparing for job interviews. However, this is the best time to reflect on the previous semester and evaluate what worked and what didn’t, not only in terms of your teaching (although certainly that) but also in terms of your research productivity and your ability to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Everything is still relatively fresh in your mind and you haven’t yet coated all of your neurons in cookies and hot chocolate.

So please take a few minutes to reflect and then share with us your resolutions for next semester. (After doing so you should feel free to dig into the cookies and hot chocolate.)

[cc licensed flickr photo by blumpy.]


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