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Reading Intentionally Online

Rainy SaturdayProfHacker writers consistently recommend RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as a tool for managing the flow of digital information. RSS is so useful that Mark describes it as “the draft horse of social media.”

I’ve explained how RSS helps with “Keeping Up Online,” George showed how to use it for “Keeping Up With Favorite Web Services”, and Heather reminded us to “Check Out Those Journal Article RSS Feeds.” In slightly more advanced uses, Mark demonstrated “Hacking an RSS Feed for Twitter Hashtags…


Save Articles to Read Later with Pocket

Logo for PocketThere are any number of web services and apps that let you save something online to read later. Several ProfHacker authors use these services. Brian introduced us to the concept with his post back in 2009 on “Asynchronous Reading.” AmyNatalie, and Jason have mentioned Instapaper; Erin wrote about Zite (a related application); Brian and I have written about Read It Later; and George mentioned Readability.

Read It Later recently rebranded itself as Pocket and released a substantial update. Pocke…


Google Reader Alternatives

The photo in this post expresses what a lot of people seem to be feeling over recent changes to Google Reader (one of many Google tools that’s been mentioned frequently here at ProfHacker). A great deal has been written about the changes since they rolled out a few weeks ago; some users mourn the loss of the old sharing features, while others (myself included) are less than thrilled with the new design.

Those who miss the sharing features might want to check out workarounds such as ReaderSharer,…