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Three Things You Should Stop Doing This Summer

anxious cat

As the summer begins, many of us are busy setting writing goals, drawing up to-do lists for household projects, and scheduling a bit of travel, whether for work or play. All of those are good things to be doing right now.

But in addition to planning out what you want to do this summer, it can be really helpful to figure out what it is that you don’t want to do.

I call this the No-Do List. You could also call it the Not-To-Do List, but I like putting the word No at the forefront, since Not Doing…


Lists and the Disoriented Learner

Simplicity and Bamboo Forests

This semester, our 9yo is taking an intro-level language course at our campus.* Setting aside his excitement about getting to continue a language that had been discontinued in his school district, it’s been entertaining to watch him figure out the norms of college, and to try to leverage them to his advantage: “I think I need a phone, Dad. Before class, college kids mostly check out their phones.”**

I mention this experience only because watching him work this semester has reminded me of a post…


The Not-Worst Approach to Handling Next Actions

Arsenal vs. West BromThe key to most productivity systems is simple: What should I be doing here and now? As Nels has already pointed out here on ProfHacker, the basic approach of David Allen-style Getting Things Done boils down to: what are the concrete, physical next actions I can be taking on each of the projects in my life? Natalie then followed up to emphasize how next actions are always embedded in specific contexts. (“When I am in my office, I can do X, Y, and Z. But when I’m waiting at the bus stop, I can…