Teaching Carnival 4.2

[October's Teaching Carnival is from Traci Gardner, a blogger and social media educator. She blogs on Teaching in the 21st Century for Bedford/St. Martin's Bits and publishes educational resources on ReadWriteThink. You can email her at or follow her updates on literacy and education in the news at @newsfromtengrrl.]

Did you notice the smell of deep-fried Twinkies in the air? That’s right. It’s time for another Teaching Carnival, the monthly round-up of blog posts on teaching and issues in higher ed.

Last month, Billie Hara hosted the carnival and showed us dozens of great links. As she explained then, ProfHacker has become the permanent home of the Teaching Carnival, so each month you can return for a snapshot of the most recent thoughts on teaching in college and university classrooms. You can find previous carnivals on Teaching Carnival’s home site.

Now without further delay, step right this way to see what’s going in in teaching and higher ed.

The Carnival Midway: Assignments, Teaching Strategies, and Pedagogical Queries

Fasten Your Seatbelt: Technology and Social Media in the Classroom

Bumper Cars in the Funhouse: Ethics and Other Sticky Professional Issues on Campus

Certified Safe to Ride: Assessment in the College Classroom and on Campus

Beware The Clowns: A Little Educational Humor

Right This Way to the Egress

Time to shut down the lights on the midway and turn off the deep fat fryers for another month, as another Teaching Carnival comes to an end. Hope you found a ride or two you enjoyed. Time for the carnival to pack up the game booths and rides to get ready for the November carnival.

And speaking of November, please let us know about your work! You can easily have one of your blog posts about teaching in higher education included in an issue of the teaching carnival by doing any or all of the following:

  1. Email the next host directly with the address to the permalink of your blog post, and/or
  2. Tag your post in Delicious with teaching-carnival

How about you? Do you have any last minute links you’d like to add to this month’s carnival? Please leave them in comments below. Meagan Rodgers will host the next Teaching Carnival (4.3) on November 1. Please send her your links or information you’d like to have included, @MeaganRodgers on Twitter, through email:, or in the comments section below.

[Image by Flickr user TwoBlueDay and used under the Creative Commons license.]

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