Tell a Story with your Data with StorylineJS


Knight Lab has done it again. Creators of the popular tool TimelineJS and StoryMap have just introduced StorylineJS, which allows you to essentially annotate a data set.

As described in the announcement from Knight Lab,

StorylineJS makes it easy to tell the story behind a dataset, without the need for programming or data visualization expertise. Just upload your data to Google Sheets, add two columns, and fill in the story on the rows you want to highlight. Set a few configuration options and you have an annotated chart, ready to embed on your website. (And did we mention, it looks great on phones?)

Right now, you can only visualize one set of data, and the text cards don’t currently support multimedia (like Knight Lab’s other tools do), but the tool can quickly and easy be integrated into an undergraduate classroom setting, as well as any data-rich project being shared online.

How do you see using StorylineJS?

Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash

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