The ProfHacker Week in Review: Comments Edition

Analog commentsBefore recapping the week’s posts, a programming note: This weekend, the Chronicle switched all comments on their site to Disqus, a comment-management system popular on other media sites and offering social networking functionality–as well as, new to the Chronicle, the ability for commenters to edit or delete their own comments. As part of this change, they had to close comments on all posts/stories before today. Extant comments are preserved. (Right now, most posts say, “0 Responses to . . .,” and then proceed to list a bunch of comments. This means there are 0 Disqus comments, and the listed comments are from the changeover.)

The Chronicle has put together a FAQ on the new commenting system. The social aspects of commenting through Disqus–including the ability to follow other users, what name gets displayed, and more–are worth considering, if you are a pseudonymous commenter. You can still comment pseudonymously, but you might want to check your settings.

We certainly hope you found something useful and/or interesting in the week’s posts, which included:

Have a great week out there!

Photo by Flickr user geishaboy500 / Creative Commons licensed.

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