blank sheet of paper on a table

The desire to capture something quickly on one’s phone is a pretty common one. As I mentioned back in April, one of my favorite iOS apps is Drafts 5, which somehow combines both great quickness with a relatively easy-to-learn automation scheme. It’s terrific.

Yet, as great as Drafts is, it lends itself to a proliferation of little scraps of notes, potentially turning it into Yet Another Inbox that needs to be managed/weeded/curated/shunned in fear. That’s because just about every time you launch it, it gives you a fresh clean note, moving whatever you were working on last time to an archive that’s a tap or two away. (You can modify this behavior in settings, but most people don’t change the defaults on their apps.)

Sometimes, though, you just want to write one thing down, and have it sit there until you decide to do something with it. Edit, by K.Q. Dreger, aims to do exactly this: It gives you exactly one note, and it’ll sit there until you apply an action to it from the iOS share sheet. It is completely unfussy, and convenient.


screen shot of Edit for iOS

Edit is available for $2 on the iOS App Store. Dreger’s even included a guarantee that the app will work for 10 years, or he’ll open-source the code. If you’re in the market for a simple, focused phone app, this is a great place to start. Do you have a favorite one-shot text editor? Let us know in comments!

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