Ever Had a Weird Experience Grading Papers or Tests? Tell Us About It.

A viral tweet would have you believe that a college student learned about failing a midterm in the most unwelcome of ways — from a stranger via Twitter. In short, on Thursday someone tweeted that, after nosily eyeing a professor grading papers on an airplane, a student named Taiwan Jones had definitely failed a midterm. An account named Taiwan Jones responded to the tweet with a terse “….”

But — surprise! — the tweeting was a hoax. So says The Washington Post. And we’re not exactly surprised. In September The Chronicle debunked a similar viral tweet. Be careful out there, people.

The exchange, though fake, did make us curious. What are the weirdest, oddest, or most exceptional stories you have about grading assignments?

Chime in on the form below. We know some of you are bound to have some great stories.

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