Ken Starr Says He Will Resign as Baylor’s Chancellor

[Updated (6/1/2016, 1:58 p.m.) with details from an ESPN interview with the former Baylor president Ken Starr.]

Baylor University’s recently removed president, Kenneth W. Starr, says he will resign as chancellor, a position that he retained despite a sexual-assault controversy that rocked the campus and also claimed the jobs of the football coach and the athletic director, ESPN reported on Wednesday.

Last week Mr. Starr was demoted to the more-ceremonial chancellor’s position after Baylor publicized the findings of a law firm, Pepper Hamilton LLC, which concluded in an investigation that the university and its football program had largely mishandled and worked to cover up sexual assaults on the Texas campus. Mr. Starr has a tenured position in the university’s law school that he will retain, according to ESPN.

During an interview with ESPN, Mr. Starr said students are not raped on the Baylor campus. He said sexual assaults occur at off-campus parties where students drink.

Mr. Starr also said that sexual assault wasn’t an issue at Baylor until the fall of 2015, despite the rape conviction of a football player, Tevin Elliott, for assaulting a Baylor student in 2012.

Baylor also fired the head football coach, Art Briles, and placed the athletic director, Ian McCaw, on probation. He later resigned.

In a statement last week, Mr. Starr said he would remain at the university and apologized to victims of sexual assault.

Baylor did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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