U. of Wisconsin at Madison Restores Twitter Account After Hack

The University of Wisconsin at Madison’s Twitter account, @UWMadison, was hacked early Wednesday morning and published some bizarre tweets before the university regained control of it, according to a university news release.

Around 6:30 a.m., Central time, the account started tweeting messages like: “lol why go to university when u can just sit at home and fail at life and stuff.” Four rogue messages, including a link to a music video, were tweeted from the account within minutes of one another.

University staff members contacted Twitter once they were made aware of the tweets, and the tweets were deleted around 9:30 a.m., the release said. The university’s communications office plans to review the social-media account’s security after the incident.

“We’re sorry for the disruption, but we appreciate all of the heads-up messages and support from our friends and alums on social media,” wrote Nate Moll, the social-media coordinator, in the release.

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