Yale University has blocked a student-created website that allowed students to plan their schedules and compare course evaluations and professor ratings, leading those who created the site to shut it down, according to the Yale Daily News and The Washington Post.

The two students who created “Yale Bluebook+" had sought to bring together disparate information that was already available though internal university systems. Yale officials raised concerns that the site was making course-evaluation information available to people who were not authorized to view it. The officials also questioned the use of the Yale name and logo.

The students said they believed that the administration was concerned about how the site averaged course ratings, making them easier to compare. They said they had changed the site’s name but shut it down after being threatened with disciplinary action.

The university released a statement to the Post from Mary Miller, dean of Yale College, that said its “policy on free expression and free speech entitles no one to appropriate a Yale resource and use it as their own.” The statement added that Yale’s priority was to support its own resources and “not others created independently and without the university’s cooperation or permission.” It said that the information on the students’ site was still available on Yale’s own version.