U. of North Dakota Professor Resigns, Citing Rejection of Proposed Lectures on Pipeline Protests

A journalism professor at the University of North Dakota resigned on Thursday after he said the institution had rejected his proposal to lead a lecture series on protests over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The proposed lectures would have covered how the Standing Rock Tribe, which led the protests, was discussed on social media, and it was the second proposal about the protests to be rejected, said the professor, Mark Trahant, according to Associated Press.

When asked last year…


Clemson Student Leader, Who Sat During Pledge of Allegiance as Protest, Is Impeached

Jaren Stewart, Clemson University’s student-body vice president who sat in protest during the Pledge of Allegiance, has been impeached by the student senate, the Associated Press reports. But a spokesman for the university, John Gouch, told the AP that the move to impeach Mr. Stewart began before he started protesting.

According to the AP, the student leader behind the move to impeach, Miller Hoffman, said it was related to a document that alleged Mr. Stewart had engaged in misconduct. Mr. Stew…


After an Alcohol-Soaked Retreat, Sexual-Harassment Complaints, and a Suicide, UC-Davis Faces a Lawsuit

The widow of a former employee of the University of California at Davis has sued the institution, alleging that its investigation of sexual-harassment claims stemming from an alcohol-soaked retreat led to her husband’s death, The Sacramento Bee reports.

The newspaper provided a detailed account of a rowdy university trip that Col. Christopher De Los Santos, administrator of a department supporting the university’s agriculture college and an officer in the Air Force, took with 16 other staff memb…


2 Are Shot and Killed on Grambling State’s Campus After Fight That Began in Dorm Room

A student and a friend were shot after an “altercation” that began in a Grambling State University dormitory room and ended in a campus courtyard early Wednesday morning, the Associated Press reports. The police said the shooter had fled the scene.

CNN reports that the police said they had learned of the shooting when a student called the campus’s police chief on his cellphone. The police were interviewing witnesses as of early Wednesday morning.


Memphis College of Art Is Closing

The Memphis College of Art, a private institution in Tennessee, is closing, the college announced on Tuesday.

The closure was attributed to declining enrollment, mounting real-estate debt, and not having a plan for long-term financial sustainability. Administrators expect that the college will remain open through May 2020 on a teach-out plan, but it will cease recruiting new students.

Enrollment dipped to 305 students this year, The Commercial Appeal reports. The college employs 25 faculty memb…


Former Student Is Charged With Racist Vandalism at Eastern Michigan U.

A former student at Eastern Michigan University has been charged with vandalism over racist graffiti posted on the campus since the fall of 2016. Twenty-nine-year-old Eddie Curlin faces “three counts of malicious destruction of property, four counts of identity theft, and one count of using computers to commit a crime,” according to a university statement.

In September 2016, “KKK” was spray-painted in red, white, and blue on a dormitory wall. A month later, on Halloween, a message was scrawl…


Ever Had a Weird Experience Grading Papers or Tests? Tell Us About It.

A viral tweet would have you believe that a college student learned about failing a midterm in the most unwelcome of ways — from a stranger via Twitter. In short, on Thursday someone tweeted that, after nosily eyeing a professor grading papers on an airplane, a student named Taiwan Jones had definitely failed a midterm. An account named Taiwan Jones responded to the tweet with a terse “….”

But — surprise! — the tweeting was a hoax. So says The Washington Post. And we’re not exactly surprised. In…


A Bunch of Conservative Students Dressed Up as Babies to Protest Safe Spaces

Members of the Kent State University chapter of Turning Point USA, a right-wing student group, dressed up in diapers as babies on Wednesday to protest safe spaces. A photojournalist on the campus tweeted several photos of the protest:

The chapter itself also tweeted a photo of the event:


Grad Student Sounds Alarms Over Penn’s Response to Online Attacks

Updated (10/19/2017, 4:52 p.m.) with statement from the university.

A graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania said administrators pulled them from the classroom over the use of a teaching technique, according to a set of messages on Twitter.

Stephanie McKellop, who uses they/them pronouns, wrote in a series of posts that are set to private that the university was going to condemn McKellop for using progressive stacking, a method aimed at offering marginalized students a greater chan…


U. of Maryland Student Is Charged With Hate Crime in Killing of Bowie State Student

Sean Christopher Urbanski was charged on Tuesday with committing a hate crime in the May 20 killing of Richard W. Collins III at the University of Maryland at College Park, The Washington Post reported. Mr. Urbanski, who is white, had been arrested in the stabbing of Mr. Collins, a black student at Bowie State University.

The FBI and other authorities are investigating whether Mr. Urbanski’s attack was racially charged. He was a member of the Facebook group “Alt-Reich: Nation.” Mr. Urbansk…