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University-Run Boot Camps Offer Students Marketable Skills — but Not Course Credit

A venture called Level, which offers courses in data analytics, is one of the first of its kind to be created by a traditional university. Even though it doesn’t offer credit, its leaders say, it holds some advantages over similar programs run by private companies.

A Top Proponent of Higher-Ed Disruption Moves to Put His Theories Into Practice

Michael B. Horn, a co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, stepped down on Friday as director of its education program to begin working more directly with companies in the education market.

Measuring Academic Skills and ‘Grit’ to Help Identify At-Risk Students

With the help of nearly $2 million in grant money, Excelsior College plans to use analytics to keep the students enrolled, and to share the tool.

How Video Games Are Becoming University-Approved Sports

When the gamers arrived on Saturday morning, 8,000 feet of extension cords and 11,000 feet of Ethernet cables waited inside the University of Cincinnati’s basketball arena.

Can Online Education Help Refugees Earn Degrees?

Refugees often lack the paperwork needed to enroll in conventional universities. But some online universities have begun recruiting those students.

How Student Video Presentations Can Build Community in an Online Course

In the online environment, many aspects of pedagogy and course design that are taken for granted in face-to-face courses become serious challenges.

Academic Social Network Hopes to Change the Culture of Peer Review

The new Sessions tool from lets researchers solicit comments on their work in progress.

What the Results of a Survey of Coursera Students Mean for Online Learning

The first study of Coursera students’ self-reported learning outcomes looks at why they take MOOCs and what kinds of educational and career benefits they see.

UMUC Plans to Create a Company to Help Colleges Harness Big Data

The online-only public university in Maryland is starting a for-profit business-analytics service.

In Online Courses, Students Learn More by Doing Than by Watching

When students enroll in MOOCs, they almost always watch a series of video lectures. But without also engaging interactively, a report says, they won’t know when they’re making mistakes.
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