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Career-Services Department Jumps on App Bandwagon

Texas Christian University’s career-services office has unveiled a set of career-oriented resources that can be accessed right at your fingertips, on the iPhone or iPad.

“I remember sitting in the waiting room and flipping through magazines before a job interview,” said Susan Nethery, director of student-affairs marketing at Texas Christian University. “The main idea was, What if you could instead spend that time brushing up on how to answer interview questions, or even look at some questions yo…


Facebook Cyber-Scam Targets Sorority Members

Cyberstalkers are using Facebook to harass sorority members, with incidents reported at four different universities this academic year.

Florida State University, Auburn University, the University of Alabama, and Louisiana State University have confirmed reports of sorority members being harassed by cyberstalkers posing as potential Facebook friends.

Major Jim Russell, assistant police chief at Florida State, said sorority members on his campus have received a friend request from an individual cl…


Graduate Students Create Recyclable Laptop

A new laptop designed by students may not self-destruct in 30 seconds, but it can be disassembled in about that amount of time, which makes it easier to safely dispose of when it’s time to throw it out.

A group of seven graduate students, from Stanford University and Finland’s Aalto University, created a prototype of a recyclable laptop as a project for a corporate-sponsored mechanical-engineering class.

The invention, cal…


Academic Cyberbully Is Sentenced to Jail in Dead Sea Scrolls Case

The Dead Sea Scrolls cyberbully is being sent to jail. A judge in New York State’s main trial court sentenced Raphael Golb, a lawyer, to six months in prison for using false online identities to harass and discredit academics in a debate over the origin of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Associated Press reported.

At his trial in September, Mr. Golb was found guilty of 30 criminal charges, including identify theft, forgery, and aggravated harassment. He also was sentenced to five years’ probation, dur…


Professors Publish Guide to Copyright Issues of Multimedia Projects

Students often create multimedia projects for classes that blend in clips from YouTube videos or hit songs, and many want to post their creations online for a wider audience. But does that violate copyright law?

It might, and many students fail to understand the legal risks. A new study, titled “Copying Right and Copying Wrong With Web 2.0 Tools in the Teacher Education and Communications Classrooms,” attempts to educate students about both the appropriate and inappropriate ways to use copyright…


Tweeting Students Earn Higher Grades Than Others in Classroom Experiment

Students chatting on Twitter both inside and outside the classroom got higher grades than their nontweeting peers in a recent experiment conducted at a medium-size public institution in the Midwest.

At the end of the semester, the tweeters had grade-point averages half a point higher, on average, than did their nontweeting counterparts. And students who tweeted were more engaged. Twitter users scored higher than those who didn’t use the tool on a 19-question student-engagement survey over the …


Colleges Are Slowly Making Data Centers ‘Greener’

Colleges are working to make their data centers “greener,” though power use by the facilities has dropped only slightly compared with last year, according to a new survey by CDW Government Inc.

Out of 152 college tech leaders surveyed by the technology company, 74 percent said their institutions are developing programs to routinely monitor and reduce the amount of energy consumed by their data centers. The previous year, only about half that number— 36 percent—responded in the same way.

The effo…


Students Lack Basic Research Skills, Study Finds

Despite the wealth of information available on the Internet, a recent study suggests that many students lack basic research skills.

According to the latest Project Information Literacy Progress Report, 84 percent of students say that when it comes to course-based research, getting started is their biggest challenge. The three sources cited most often by students were course readings, search engines like Google, and scholarly research databases. Only 30 percent asked a librarian for research help…


New Web Site Offers Career ‘Resilience’ Advice for Female Academics

Women in science and technology doctoral-degree programs are more likely to drop out than are their male counterparts: Unfavorable workplace climates and discrimination are leading reasons. Arizona State University, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, is the latest university to attempt to combat this problem with a novel approach, featured on its new CareerWISE Web site.

Bianca L. Bernstein, the project’s principal investigator, says the site offers women examples of resilien…


Professors Shore Up Wikipedia Entries on Public Policy

Wikipedia, the user-written encyclopedia, has a shortage of public-policy articles, so it is getting help from nine universities to solve the problem. The Public Policy Initiative of the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit group that operates the online reference work, is running a pilot program during the 2010-11 academic year, asking public-policy professors to require active student participation on the site as a part of their courses.

Professors at these institutions have already heeded the …