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In International-Student Recruitment, Questions About Integrity Persist

The debate over the use of agents in recruitment has quieted, but colleges still struggle to weed out fraud in applications from China and elsewhere.

Can Overseas Branch Campuses Reflect Local Values?

Examples from Africa show how higher education still must reflect national cultures, say Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane.

Academic Freedom Overseas: Hopes and Obstacles

An American professor at the University of the South Pacific finds colleagues there stymied by a restrictive policy on conference travel.

A Syrian Student’s Fragile Hope for Higher Education

Even the simple task of taking a test to graduate from high school is fraught with danger and political issues, says an expert in a Syria research group.

Reflections From a Global Provost

Peter N. Stearns, provost of George Mason University, offers six lessons in how to create an international university.

A Failure to Capitalize on Globalization

Many university presidents are missing the crucial opportunity to fully internationalize their campuses, say two international educators.

Mexico Gets Serious About R&D

The country is increasing its spending on science and graduate programs, changes that universities in the United States should keep an eye on, says Marion Lloyd.

Down Under or Upside Down? Higher-Education Reforms in Australia

The government wants to adopt parts of the American higher-education model. Is that really a good idea?

Even in the U.S., Chinese Students May Have Tiananmen ‘Amnesia’

While freed from China’s Internet censors and other restrictions, these students don’t necessarily experience a political awakening during their time in the United States.

A Global Push to Reduce Dropout Rates

As in the United States, Britain and other countries are trying to get students to complete their degrees, says Nigel Thrift.
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