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The Rise of ‘Educational Sovereignty’

China and other nations are asserting more control over outposts operated by foreign universities, say Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane.

The Need for a Global Association of Universities

Despite obstacles and potential pitfalls, developing a global voice for higher education should be a priority, say two leaders of the International Association of Universities.

What the U.S. Can Learn From Affirmative Action in Brazil

The country is having success with college-admissions programs that take into account both the race and socioeconomic status of students. Should the United States follow suit? asks Marion Lloyd.

At American U. of Afghanistan, a Day of Mourning, and a Renewed Sense of Mission

Despite the deaths of two employees in an attack, the university will continue its mission to make Afghanistan a better place, says C. Michael Smith, its president.

2014: a Year of ‘Consolidation’ in Britain

As budget pressures mount, the country’s higher-education system is likely to face increasing fragmentation and possible mergers and takeovers, says Nigel Thrift.

Looking Ahead: 4 International Trends for 2014

Continued growth in foreign branch campuses and new interest in Africa are among the predictions by Kevin Kinser and Jason Lane.

Chile’s Sea Change in Higher Education

After decades of cutting its public spending on universities, Chile is reversing course, and becoming more like the rest of Latin America, says Marion Lloyd.

MOOCs as Neocolonialism: Who Controls Knowledge?

Online courses are taught primarily by instructors from Western countries, raising questions about whether they ignore other teaching traditions and approaches to learning, says Philip G. Altbach.

Where Is Higher Education’s Global Representation?

As universities internationalize, a new organization is needed to help them have a bigger voice on the world stage, says Nigel Thrift.

Brazil’s Bold Steps in Higher Education

With new study-abroad and affirmative-action programs, Brazil is revamping its education system, says Marion Lloyd. She recently sat down with its higher-education secretary to discuss the efforts.
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