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NYU’s Promise of Academic Freedom in Abu Dhabi Is ‘Essentially Worthless’

If the university can’t guarantee that laborers on its United Arab Emirates campus are treated fairly, how can it guarantee that its professors there can teach without concern? Matt J. Duffy explains.

The Humanities Are Awash in Wasteful Research

When it comes to support for university research in Australia, one lecturer says, “More budget cuts, please.”

Obama’s Rating System: an International Perspective

Given the global surge in interest in university rankings, American colleges should have anticipated the president’s plan, says Ellen Hazelkorn.

Why Europe Still Matters in Study Abroad

Sending students to developing countries is in vogue, but so-called traditional locations still offer rich educational environments, says Michael Woolf.

Civility in Academe, and the Lack of It

Academics appear to have become more courteous to one another, but nasty online rants remain pervasive, says Nigel Thrift.

Embracing the New Globalism: a Challenge to Rethink Study Abroad

If overseas programs aren’t revamped for a generation of globally minded students, they risk becoming marginalized, says William G. Durden.

Learning From the Southern Hemisphere

Australia and Indonesia are on the vanguard of important developments in higher education that the world should be watching, says Nigel Thrift.

3 Ways to Help Make ‘Generation Study Abroad’ a Success

Previous big efforts to expand overseas study have failed; here’s how the latest push can avoid their mistakes, writes Mark Salisbury, of Augustana College in Illinois.

Controversial University Policies Undergird Protests in Venezuela

While the focus has rightfully been on the violent crackdown, higher education is at the heart of the fight, says Marion Lloyd.

Seeing Small Times: a New Frontier in Social Science

In the digital age, societal trends can grow in short amounts of time, calling for a new way to study human behavior, says Nigel Thrift.
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