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Upcoming and On-Demand Virtual Events

Browse our recent and coming topics, and join a discussion with national experts and leading practitioners on how to chart a course forward.


  • Chronicle Festival: The Ideas Shaping Higher Ed

    ON DEMAND: Higher ed faces an unprecedented decline in trust. What can colleges do to revitalize their missions, better promote their value, and reconnect with the public? Chronicle journalists interview leading thinkers. With Support From Workday, Adobe, and Pushkin. Watch on demand.

Virtual Events on LEADERSHIP

Virtual Events on Teaching and Learning

Virtual Events on Finance and Operations

  • Innovative Financial Aid for Today’s Students

    ON DEMAND: Almost half of college students will drop out over the cost of their education. What financial-aid strategies can colleges use to keep them on track to graduate? Join us to discuss this issue with policy experts and higher-ed leaders. With Support From UIA. Watch on demand.
  • The Student-Data Challenge: Sharing and Security

    ON DEMAND: Colleges are finding more ways to track data to improve the student experience, but that raises concerns about data security and privacy. Join this forum to discuss how to balance those concerns against using data efficiently. With Support From AWS. Watch on demand.
  • Helping Students Pay for College

    ON DEMAND: The cost of college prevents many from achieving the goal of a college degree. What can institutions do to help students get access to financial aid? A panel of experts will examine how changes to the FAFSA and other developments may affect applicants. With Support From Oracle. Watch on demand.

Virtual Events on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Global Events and the Curriculum

    ON DEMAND: Students must be brought up to date on the issues facing the world, from geopolitics to social challenges. Join us to learn how you can infuse those concepts into your institution’s curriculum. With Support From USF. Watch on demand.
  • ChatGPT and Other Cutting-Edge Learning Tech

    ON DEMAND: What do administrators need to know about the potential and pitfalls of AI-based learning technologies? A panel of experts examines the issue in this virtual forum. With Support From SMU. Watch on demand.
  • Designing STEM Courses for Today’s Students

    ON DEMAND: As demand for STEM hiring rises, what programs should colleges offer? Can they make up for math and science education derailed by Covid? Join us for discussion. With Support From Cambridge. Watch on demand.
  • From ‘Digital Native’ to Digital Competency

    ON DEMAND. The pervasive “digital native” myth is keeping colleges from making critical investments in digital skills. Join us for a virtual forum to chart a new path forward. With Support From Adobe. Watch on demand.
  • Global Leadership Perspective

    ON DEMAND: Join us for a 30-minute talk between Dawn Freshwater, vice chancellor of the University of Auckland, and Liz McMillen, executive editor at The Chronicle, on how Auckland is turning its sustainability plan into action. With Support From Auckland. Watch on demand.
  • Belonging, Trust, and the Student Journey

    ON DEMAND: Learn how colleges can create opportunities for students to build trusting relationships with faculty, administrators, and their peers. With Support From Mongoose. Watch on demand.
  • A Holistic Approach to Campus Mental Health

    ON DEMAND: Creating a culture of mental-health awareness and support on your campus can go a long way to reverse troubling trends of anxiety, depression, and suicide. Join us to learn how you can make a difference. With Support From TimelyMD. Watch on demand.
  • AI Tools for Student Engagement

    ON DEMAND: How can colleges ensure that their technology remains student-centered and efficient as they use AI-enabled systems to support student success? Join a panel of experts to discuss how best to use AI on campus. With Support From UIA. Watch on demand.
  • What’s the Right Use of International Recruitment Agents?

    ON DEMAND: Colleges and universities are still feeling the effects of the pandemic on global travel as international enrollment continues to waver. Join experts to discuss best practices for using agents to scout for students overseas. With Support From ICEF. Watch on demand.
  • Keep On Teaching: Session 1

    The challenge of engaging students has hit faculty members hard in the last few years. Learn how to make the most of valuable class time and foster engagement this semester during this conversation with teaching experts and your colleagues around the country.