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Upcoming and On-Demand Virtual Events

Browse our recent and coming topics, and join a discussion with national experts and leading practitioners on how to chart a course forward.


  • In Defense of Libraries

    UPCOMING: March 21, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. In this forum, learn how libraries can compete in a time of scarce resources and conflicting priorities. With Support From Occuspace. Register here.
  • Global Events and the Curriculum

    UPCOMING: March 22, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. Students must be brought up to date on the issues facing the world, from geopolitics to social challenges. Join us to learn how you can infuse those concepts into your institution’s curriculum. With Support From USF. Register here.
  • Mentoring Programs for First-Gen Students

    UPCOMING: March 28, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. First-gen students often benefit from mentors, but how do they find them? Mentoring programs can help. Join us to learn more about creating such programs. With Support From Ascendium. Register here.
  • How Technology Is Changing Academic Advising

    UPCOMING: March 30, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. Academic advisers help students achieve their goals, but what will their relationship look like as tech continues to be used in advising? Will such tools help or hinder the relationship? With Support From ServiceNow. Register here.
  • Chronicle Festival: The Ideas Shaping Higher Ed

    ON DEMAND: Higher ed faces an unprecedented decline in trust. What can colleges do to revitalize their missions, better promote their value, and reconnect with the public? Chronicle journalists interview leading thinkers. With Support From Workday, Adobe, and Pushkin. Watch on demand.

Virtual Events on LEADERSHIP

Virtual Events on Teaching and Learning

Virtual Events on Finance and Operations

  • Innovative Financial Aid for Today’s Students

    ON DEMAND: Almost half of college students will drop out over the cost of their education. What financial-aid strategies can colleges use to keep them on track to graduate? Join us to discuss this issue with policy experts and higher-ed leaders. With Support From UIA. Watch on demand.
  • The Student-Data Challenge: Sharing and Security

    ON DEMAND: Colleges are finding more ways to track data to improve the student experience, but that raises concerns about data security and privacy. Join this forum to discuss how to balance those concerns against using data efficiently. With Support From AWS. Watch on demand.
  • Helping Students Pay for College

    ON DEMAND: The cost of college prevents many from achieving the goal of a college degree. What can institutions do to help students get access to financial aid? A panel of experts will examine how changes to the FAFSA and other developments may affect applicants. With Support From Oracle. Watch on demand.

Virtual Events on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Managing Higher Ed’s Modern Work Force

    ON DEMAND: In a national survey by The Chronicle, 57 percent of administrators said their colleges lacked policies and systems to govern a contemporary workplace. Join us to discuss what provosts, deans, and department chairs can do to improve employee morale and related issues. With Support From ModernThink. Watch on demand
  • Shifting International-Student Trends

    ON DEMAND: The Institute of International Education’s annual Open Doors report offers the most comprehensive look into international-student trends. Join us as we host an expert panel and dive into the latest enrollment figures. With Support From ETS TOEFL. Watch on demand.
  • Creating Campus Spaces to Support Student Success

    ON DEMAND: In this virtual forum, experts in architecture, campus planning, and student life share insights to help colleges rethink their campus design to better meet students where they are, support learning, and foster a sense of belonging. With Support From JLL. Watch on demand.
  • How to Reach the Disengaged Student in the Classroom

    ON DEMAND: Faculty members report unprecedented levels of student disengagement, with newer students seeming to struggle the most. What strategies can be used to get students back on track? Join us to hear from a panel of experts on how to overcome this crisis. With Support From ETS. Watch on demand.
  • The Future of the Immersive Campus

    ON DEMAND: As students advance in their learning, they will look to a world where immersive technologies are prevalent in everyday life on campus. Join academics and other experts as we discuss such technologies in higher ed over the next five years. With Support From Verizon. Watch on demand.
  • Master’s Programs That Meet Students’ Needs

    ON DEMAND: As pressure builds across campus to ensure that academic programs keep pace with the rapidly changing job market, a panel of experts, including the consultant Bob Atkins, university leaders, and students will discuss strategies for making the most of your master’s programs. With Support From Pearson. Watch on demand.
  • Recruitment Amid Enrollment Uncertainty

    ON DEMAND: Freshman enrollment dropped 9.2 percent from 2019 to 2021. Now colleges are trying to improve their outreach. Admissions and recruiting experts will discuss what approaches work best in this coming virtual forum. With Support From EMA. Watch on demand.
  • Reinventing the Student Journey

    ON DEMAND: A student’s college journey is an essential time of life that continues long afterward. What can colleges do to encourage students to make the most of that time and remain involved? Join us for a virtual forum to find out. With Support From Mongoose. Watch on demand.
  • Preparing the Next Generation of Instructors

    ON DEMAND: Great teaching is a skill, not a talent. That means higher-ed administrators must train faculty to create excellent classroom experiences. Join us to explore the latest strategies to invest in the next generation of teachers. With Support From Adobe. Watch on demand.
  • Supporting a Remote Work Force

    ON DEMAND: Join us to discuss how colleges are coping with remote, hybrid, and in-person work. What are the challenges, and how have the options affected work-life balance? The forum will also cover technology and collaboration. With Support From HP. Watch on demand.