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Equity in Remote Education

As colleges prepare for an uncertain fall, many are developing contingency plans in case classes can’t be held in person. These arrangements will require more sustainable solutions than the emergency pivot to remote learning earlier in the year, which left many students with inadequate access to their courses and scant instructional support infrastructure.

What can college leaders do to make sure the new academic year is as responsive to concerns about equity as it is to the emergency? How do they evaluate existing remote programs and courses for access and inclusion? What support systems are needed to help instructors with that goal?

Goldie Blumenstyk, a Chronicle senior writer, will host a a panel of experts to offer advice to provosts, deans, and other senior administrators as they establish the policies and institutional requirements to keep student equity at the heart of a college’s mission, even in unprecedented times.


  • Alison Byerly, President of Lafayette College
  • Enrique Murillo, Jr., Professor of education at California State University – San Bernardino, Executive Director, Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD)
  • Charles H.F. Davis, Assistant Professor in the Center for the Study of Higher and PostSecondary Education, University of Michigan
  • Sharon Davies, Provost, Spelman College

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