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How Technology Is Changing Career Services


As the pandemic hit core structures and processes in the workplace, change trickled down to an area of college and university activity where many people in the work force start their journeys: career services.

In this virtual forum, “How Technology Is Changing Career Services,” join The Chronicle as we explore how technology has affected the work of people whose jobs involve personal interactions with students and focus on their future.

Listen to our panel of college experts as they touch on questions that are determining the future of career services:

  • What emergency steps taken as a result of the pandemic have become part of everyday operations in the workplace, and how are they being expanded?
  • How do career-service offices prepare students for an environment in which more employers have virtual workplaces?
  • How are remote work and other technology-driven shifts changing roles and responsibilities at the office?

Register for this virtual forum, and join us on Wednesday, July 26, at 2 p.m. ET.

Host: Ian Wilhelm, deputy managing editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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