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Inclusive Teaching in the Online Classroom

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With college courses now online, professors and instructors are looking for ways to make the students’ experience the best it can be. The principles of inclusive teaching — the practice of embracing student diversity and designing courses in ways that reach all students — can help. Hosts Ian Wilhelm, a Chronicle editor, and Bryan Alexander, a higher ed futurist, will talk with two longtime advocates on how to adapt inclusive teaching techniques for remote instruction, how to bring more structure to the online class, and make sure that students remain engaged at this crucial time. Aired May 1.

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Does the rapid move online because of Covid-19 help or hurt inclusive teaching? Structure is key, say Kelly A. Hogan, a teaching professor of biology, and Viji Sathy, a teaching associate professor of psychology, at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. They offer tips on how to keep students involved. Here is a short except from the virtual forum, “Inclusive Teaching in the Online Classroom.”

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