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Lessons Learned From Re-engaging Students


What does it take to truly engage students in the classroom and their studies?

As instructors report a growing disengagement in their curricula, many are beginning to rethink their teaching practices to help foster more curiosity and build enthusiasm for the value of their coursework. From revamped learning design to the introduction of new technologies, there are plenty of ways for instructors to create an engaging atmosphere for both themselves and their students. What strategies would work best on your campus?

Register now for “Lessons Learned From Re-engaging Students,” a virtual forum welcoming a panel of teaching experts to explore the underlying causes of disengagement and how instructors are designing courses to fight it.

Host: Beckie Supiano, senior writer, The Chronicle of Higher Education


  • Yu-Fu Michael Chen, adjunct professor, department of nursing and public health, Nazareth College of Rochester (N.Y.)
  • Jody Greene, special adviser to the provost for educational equity and academic success, associate vice provost for teaching and learning, University of California at Santa Cruz
  • Jill Terra-Chesnut, faculty member, biological-sciences department, Butte College

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