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Running Campuses in a Pandemic: Hard Lessons from Fall, Prospects for Spring

Though roughly half of colleges opened their campuses this fall, not all of them were able to remain that way. For some, the reopening went relatively smoothly; for others, the semester got off to a chaotic start. In the worst cases, colleges were forced once again to close their campuses and restart another semester online. Now, as higher-ed reaches midterm, it’s time to look back at the lessons learned over the past year.

In “Running Campuses in a Pandemic: Hard Lessons from Fall, Prospects for Spring,” a panel of experts will gather for a virtual forum moderated by Nell Gluckman, a Chronicle senior reporter. What have they learned and what do they foresee as higher ed continues to navigate the challenges posed by Covid-19?

- What has the higher-education industry learned about testing for contagion, social distancing, contact tracing, quarantining, and the maze of municipal, state, and federal laws and guidelines?
- What technologies and campus-design principles have been effective?
- And what are the prospects for spring?

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