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Transfer Students as a Key to Institutional Resilience

The Covid-19 crisis has hit low-income students especially hard, and many will ultimately transfer to colleges closer to home. Yet, even in the best of times, the transfer experience is often complicated and students frequently lose credits earned at their previous institutions. With the threat of even greater financial hardship, a growing number of potential transfer students may abandon their pursuit of a degree entirely. How can colleges ensure that these transfer students stay in the pipeline?

Some experts argue that transfer students could play a pivotal role in the survival of colleges today. To examine the issue, The Chronicle has gathered a group of college executives, non-profit leaders, and leading researchers for a virtual forum led by a Chronicle journalist.

  • How will a pass/fail semester affect transfer students?
  • How can colleges be incentivized to accept credits they are not paid for?
  • What will motivate colleges to bring in students whose success does not factor into institutional graduation rates?

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