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Breaking Down Barriers to a Whole-Campus Approach

As colleges seek to focus more on students, they must tackle a tough opponent: outmoded campus practices and policies that don’t support students today. How can colleges weed out the old in favor of a new, student-serving culture?

Our panel of experts will examine the culture of academe and offer ideas to bring it into the future in this virtual forum, “Breaking Down Barriers to a Whole-Campus Approach,” including such issues as:

  • How can campuses remove courses, prerequisites, and requirements that are based on little more than tradition?
  • How can academic and administrative leaders work together to concentrate on student success?
  • What future practices could replace existing ones in order to create a whole-campus approach?


  • Katherine Mangan, Senior Writer, The Chronicle
  • Sabrina K. Sanders, Director, Student Reengagement Program, California State University-Dominguez Hills

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