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Converting the Classroom Into a Job

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Breaking into a career or even landing a job that provides benefits and compensation sufficient to sustain a family without a degree may seem impossible, especially for people from marginalized groups.

Organizations such as Apprenti, a national nonprofit, and New America, a nonprofit think tank, are trying to provide possibilities for individuals who lack a formal degree but have the ability to enter these fields.

The program covers tuition, and students may participate in paid apprenticeships to receive vocational training. This year, Apprenti’s initiative seeks to educate, assist, and place 1,000 people. The charity offers training in app development, data analysis, and data center jobs, much of it through community colleges.

The results are tangible, as can be seen with those enrolled in Apprenti’s program. Those previously employed have seen their annual salaries more than double, to a median of $88,000.

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