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The Role of Frontline Workers, Online and On Campus

College staff members in financial aid, the registrar’s office, residential life, and information technology are frequently thinking about how to reduce any obstacles that would prevent students from succeeding. Whether it’s interacting online or in-person, how can these campus officials create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all students?

To answer those questions, The Chronicle hosted a panel of leading professors for a virtual forum, “The Faculty’s Place in Student Success.” They examined how they see their roles changing and shared advice for fellow faculty members and their institutions as they seek to support learners from all walks of life. The panel addressed such questions as:

How can all staff members work together to make their campuses places where all students can succeed?

  • How can colleges create a seamless experience for online students, encompassing enrollment, registration, and other tasks?
  • What does it take to create a welcoming environment both on and offline?


  • Katherine Mangan, Senior Writer, The Chronicle
  • Sabrina K Sanders, Director, Student Reengagement Program, California State University at Dominguez Hills

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