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Keeping Low-Income Learners on Track

Ninety-three percent of Pell Grant recipients come from households with incomes below $60,000. Once they’re on campus, however, these students often face difficulty in adjusting to unfamiliar environments and unique challenges. Many times, that results in their academic withdrawal.

As colleges and universities look to keep low-income learners on campus, what steps can they take to support student success?

In a coming virtual forum hosted by The Chronicle, experts will discuss the findings of a case study focusing on how campuses have improved the retention of Pell Grant recipients. The study also examines ways to lower the rates of students who receive D’s or F’s or who withdraw from classes.

Join “Keeping Low-Income Learners on Track” on February 29 at 2 p.m. ET to learn more.

Host: Katie Mangan, senior writer, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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