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Mentoring Programs for First-Gen Students

The effort that goes into facilitating a positive mentor experience frequently pays off. Successful graduates often say that such relationships, whether in the form of a faculty member, a peer adviser, or an alum, helped them stay enrolled and find jobs after they graduated.

So how can colleges help first-Gen students form those relationships? In a coming virtual forum hosted by The Chronicle, a panel of college mentoring experts will gather to discuss how to create an atmosphere that encourages those bonds.

Join us on March 28 at 2 p.m. ET for “Mentoring Programs for First-Gen Students” to hear more about the benefits of mentorship programs for your institution.

Host: Katherine Mangan, senior writer, The Chronicle of Higher Education


  • Liz Banuelos-Castro, adviser on internship and diversity programs, University of Southern California
  • Marc A. Lo, executive director of Penn First Plus, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ted Thompson, chief program officer, One Million Degrees
  • Charmaine E. Troy, associate director of first-generation student initiatives, Georgia Institute of Technology, and co-editor of the book Developing and Implementing Promising Practices and Programs for First-Generation Students



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