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The Road Ahead for Rural Colleges

How they are adapting to meet financial, cultural, and geographic challenges.

Covid-19 has magnified the struggles rural colleges have dealt with for years. Limited broadband access, outdated technologies, and a large percentage of low-income students have made adapting to higher ed’s new digital transformation profoundly difficult. And as the pandemic threatens to upend enrollment numbers, rural colleges face losses for years to come.

But the future does not have to be bleak. The Road Ahead for Rural Colleges examines the ways leaders at rural colleges are being proactive to safeguard their futures and using their locations to their advantage.

Download the Insights Report to discover what leaders at community colleges, private liberal arts schools, branch campuses, and tribally controlled institutions are doing now including:

  • Reaching new students during an international crisis
  • Creating programs that meet the demands of the region
  • Building opportunities for the local community and its economy

“The Road Ahead for Rural Colleges” was was written by Danielle McLean and produced by Chronicle Intelligence. Please contact with questions or comments.