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UPCOMING Virtual Forum

Sharpening the Social-Mobility Mission

College is commonly seen as a chance to unlock economic opportunities. But does that conventional wisdom hold true? And for whom is it true?

In this Virtual Forum, we’ll gather higher-education experts to explore the connection between college degrees and social mobility, covering topics including:

  • College rankings and classifications.
  • Post-graduation outcomes.
  • Strategies to ensure success for low-income students.

Host: Eric Kelderman, senior writer, The Chronicle of Higher Education

With Support From Ascendium

Akil Bello, Senior Director of Advocacy and Advancement, Fair Test

Mary Dana Hinton, President, Hollins University

Elizabeth Davidson-Pisacreta, Director, Educational Transformation, Ithaka S+R

Ellen J. Neufeldt, President, California State University at San Marcos



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