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The Faculty’s Place in Student Success

The pandemic and the resulting shift to remote learning gave faculty members a glimpse into the lives of students in a new way. Instructors soon found themselves moving more into a role of student support. Now, as campuses continue a push toward normalcy, will this carry forward? And if so, how?

To answer those questions, The Chronicle hosts a panel of leading professors for a virtual forum, “The Faculty’s Place in Student Success.” Together they will examine how they see their roles changing and what advice they would offer to fellow faculty members and their institutions as they seek to support learners from all walks of life. The panel will address such questions as:

  • How can faculty members be more flexible and understanding of students?
  • What institutional resources should faculty members be connecting with to support students, including academic, financial, and mental-health assistance?
  • As debate continues over the relative importance of compassion and rigor, how sustainable is the approach of the faculty member as a student support?


  • Katherine Mangan, senior writer, The Chronicle
  • Sabrina K Sanders, director, Student Reengagement Program, California State University-Dominguez Hills

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