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Virtual Forum - On Demand

Transforming Transfer Policies

Many students enter community college with the goal of eventually attaining a four-year degree, but the process doesn’t always go as smoothly as hoped. Often, credits earned in two-year institutions are nontransferable, or financial aid simply runs out. How can colleges rethink their policies to better help these students achieve their dreams?

We’ll examine how two- and four-year colleges can put community-college students on the path to a bachelor’s degree in the Virtual Forum, “Transforming Transfer Policies.”

Join us on Thursday, August 17 at 2 p.m. ET, as a panel of experts shares their thoughts on how institutions can better support student success:

  • What policies, such as transcript holds, can be modified to encourage students to continue their studies in the face of financial hardship?
  • How can two- and four-year institutions collaborate to ensure more credits transfer?
  • What lessons have our panelists learned from their own experience?


John Fink, Senior Research Associate,
Community College Research Center,
Columbia University
Rita Snyder Furr, Associate Director,
Community College Partnerships,
George Mason University
Micol Hutchison, Director of Transfer,
Virginia Community College System
Lia Wetzstein, Director,
Community College Research Initiatives,
University of Washington



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