Backgrounds and Beliefs of College Freshmen

May 1, 2017

For five decades, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles have surveyed the nation's incoming freshmen to learn more about their backgrounds, views, and expectations. Use this interactive graphic to see how their attitudes and self-images have changed since the 1960s, as measured by UCLA's Cooperative Institutional Research Program, part of the Higher Education Research Institute. Read our coverage of the latest survey here.

Questions regarding:

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Administration and Business
Facilities and Property
Research and Other Education
Student Life
Professor of Practice Ranks
Administrative Faculty
Other Non-Tenured Faculty
Research Faculty




Source: Cooperative Institutional Research Program, Higher Education Research Institute, U. of California at Los Angeles

Notes: Some questions have been slightly rephrased from the original survey for clarity in the context of this graphic. Regarding probable majors, we combined "Biological and Life Sciences" with "Physical Science" and called the grouping "Physical and Life Sciences."