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The Higher Education Almanac

Aug. 23, 2019

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Volume 65, Issue 40

The Profession

  • News

    Tenure and Other Variations

    Non-tenure-track faculty members may be doing much more of the instruction, but colleges are still holding onto their tenure systems.
  • Tenure Status & Adjuncts

    Faculty members deal with varied work situations, from being tenured to getting by on less-than-annual contracts. Here is an overview of their standing.
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    Administrator & Staff Pay

    Take a look at what colleges’ 1.5 million full-time non-faculty members earn, on average, along with the pay for certain senior administrators.
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    Chief Executives

    See how much chief executives earned, on average, and which ones received compensation of more than $2 million or even $4 million in one year.
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    Faculty Pay

    Women’s salaries come closest to men’s at colleges where pay is moderate. See what professors are earning at all types of institutions.


  • News

    The Strategies Behind Rapid Enrollment Growth

    Some colleges that have expanded quickly are spending millions on advertising to recruit online students.
  • Enrollment

    While many colleges have shrunk, others have turned into mega-universities. See how enrollment varies among institutions.
  • Aid & Debt

    Americans owe close to $1.5 trillion in student-loan debt. We examine how students pay for college and how well they do in repaying their loans.
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    Online Learning

    The proliferation of online courses has affected all sectors of higher education and has gotten many more students to take courses from home.
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    One of colleges’ clear goals is to get students to graduate and go out into the workplace. How well students accomplish that varies.
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    Graduate Students

    See a profile of today’s doctorate recipients, the change in their numbers over time, and a list of the universities that awarded the most doctorates.


  • Backgrounder

    Why Has Black-Student Enrollment Fallen?

    Colleges look for ways to reverse an overall decline since 2010.
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    Gender, Race, & Ethnicity

    Whites make up just 56 percent of students but 77 percent of instructional faculty members and managers. See our breakdowns by race and ethnicity.
  • Diversity Indexes

    How diverse are your college’s students, faculty members, and managers? Use our interactive tables to find out.
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    Changes in African-American Enrollment

    Enrollment of black students has fallen by nearly 365,000 since 2010. Several tables analyze where the loss is occurring.
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    Age & Other Characteristics

    Representation of veterans, older students, parents, students with disabilities, and students of varying socioeconomic status is covered here.
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    See which colleges enroll the most foreign students, what places they come from, and where American students study abroad.


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    Getting the Price Just Right

    To slash or not to slash, college officials wonder when their tuition pricing isn’t bringing the desired results.
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    Tuition & Fees

    See which colleges charge the most, and how much tuition and tuition-discounting have risen over the years.
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    Endowments & Giving

    More than 100 colleges have endowments worth more than $1 billion. Our tables list the wealthiest colleges and the ones raising the most money.
  • News

    Revenue & Spending

    Together American colleges took in more than $616 billion in the 2017 fiscal year, and spent more than $555 billion. See how those numbers break down.


  • News

    Coping in a Cash-Starved State System

    Oklahoma’s colleges look for ways to make up for the shortcomings of students’ earlier education.
  • News

    Compare the States

    Explore data on more than 80 measures to see how your state is doing in relation to others on faculty pay, student aid, and more.