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Aug. 20, 2021

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Volume 67, Issue 25


  • Data


    Learn about executive pay, staff pay, staff characteristics, and more in this year’s administration data.
  • Data


    Learn about tuition and fees, donations and endowments, and revenue and expenditures in this year’s finances data.
  • Data Points

    How has the drop in international students affected the economy? Who would benefit from the federal government’s plan to cancel $10,000 in student-loan debt per person? How have community-college students fared during the pandemic?
  • Data


    Learn about degrees, graduates, and debt in this year’s outcomes data.
  • Data


    Learn about student characteristics, enrollment, aid, and more in this year’s students data.
  • Data


    Learn about faculty pay and faculty diversity, who makes up the professoriate, and more in this year’s faculty data.
  • The States

    Compare the States

    Discover how the states and the District of Columbia compare with each other and with the nation on demographics, state residents’ highest level of education, faculty pay, college enrollment, diversity, graduation rates, tuition costs, state aid, and more.