I’m Goldie Blumenstyk, a senior writer at The Chronicle covering innovation in and around academe. As the Covid-19 crisis continues, here’s what I’m thinking about this week.

The pandemic halted some higher-ed practices. Which ones deserve a “good riddance”?

I’m on vacation. That means some R&R for me, but I’m leaving homework for you. The assignment is inspired by a series in The Washington Post called “Endangered Experiences,” which looks at commonplace practices of the pre-pandemic era — salad bars, conga lines, you get the idea — and explores whether they’ll be gone for good once we get past this virus.

I’ve written before about how the pandemic, as horrible as it is, has broughtaboutsome welcome practices. I also wonder if some of what’s been paused because of Covid-19 should be done away with altogether.

It’s probably not worth debating whether higher ed is better off without heavily subsidized athletics (I put my own stake in thatground years ago), but what about some other experiences and customs that are being sidelined by the pandemic? Could the academic enterprise be more affordable, more engaging, and maybe even more equitable without them?

I’d love to know what you think. As you consider what happened in the spring — and what’s going down now — please send me your thoughts (my email address is below) on what losses we shouldn’t lament. I’ll share some of the responses in a future newsletter.

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