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The Profession

Almanac 2019-Provession
Learn where female faculty members come closest to earning what men do, which sectors pay the most, how much opportunities to earn tenure are diminishing, and who some of the highest-paid presidents, other leaders, and faculty members are.

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    Tenure and Other Variations

    Non-tenure-track faculty members may be doing much more of the instruction, but colleges are still holding onto their tenure systems.
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    Faculty Pay

    Women’s salaries come closest to men’s at colleges where pay is moderate. See what professors are earning at all types of institutions.
  • Tenure Status & Adjuncts

    Faculty members deal with varied work situations, from being tenured to getting by on less-than-annual contracts. Here is an overview of their standing.
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    Administrator & Staff Pay

    Take a look at what colleges’ 1.5 million full-time non-faculty members earn, on average, along with the pay for certain senior administrators.
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    Chief Executives

    See how much chief executives earned, on average, and which ones received compensation of more than $2 million or even $4 million in one year.