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Almanac 2019-Students
Tables offer insight into why some colleges are growing so fast at the same time others are shrinking, and the roles that advertising and online education play in rapid growth. See what freshmen expected when they started college and what happened to undergraduate and graduate students when they finished, in terms of jobs, income, and accumulated student-loan debt.

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    The Strategies Behind Rapid Enrollment Growth

    Some colleges that have expanded quickly are spending millions on advertising to recruit online students.
  • Enrollment

    While many colleges have shrunk, others have turned into mega-universities. See how enrollment varies among institutions.
  • Aid & Debt

    Americans owe close to $1.5 trillion in student-loan debt. We examine how students pay for college and how well they do in repaying their loans.
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    Online Learning

    The proliferation of online courses has affected all sectors of higher education and has gotten many more students to take courses from home.
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    One of colleges’ clear goals is to get students to graduate and go out into the workplace. How well students accomplish that varies.
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    Graduate Students

    See a profile of today’s doctorate recipients, the change in their numbers over time, and a list of the universities that awarded the most doctorates.