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Diversity in Academe: Transgender on Campus

6208-Diversity Cover

As the transgender-rights movement spreads on college campuses and throughout society, our special report takes a closer look. Transgender people want to be able to freely express their gender identities, to use names and pronouns consistent with those identities, and to have access to gender-inclusive bathrooms, dormitories, locker rooms, and other facilities. And they want to be treated with dignity and respect.

Many colleges are expanding their notions of inclusiveness to address those concerns. But barriers remain, as some colleges discover that it can be logistically challenging, as well as costly, to make needed changes in infrastructure. Other colleges struggle to educate people about what it means to be transgender or gender fluid — a term used by those who identify as neither male nor female.

Our coverage features the voices of many transgender students and academics as they gain visibility on campuses and elsewhere.