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Almanac 2019-Finance
The rich get richer while the poor get poorer seems to hold true for colleges as well as people, although there are always exceptions. See which colleges stand out for bringing in money through tuition and fees, gifts, investment returns, and research funds. Then note what they spent in return on instruction and other services.

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    Getting the Price Just Right

    To slash or not to slash, college officials wonder when their tuition pricing isn’t bringing the desired results.
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    Tuition & Fees

    See which colleges charge the most, and how much tuition and tuition-discounting have risen over the years.
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    Endowments & Giving

    More than 100 colleges have endowments worth more than $1 billion. Our tables list the wealthiest colleges and the ones raising the most money.
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    Revenue & Spending

    Together American colleges took in more than $616 billion in the 2017 fiscal year, and spent more than $555 billion. See how those numbers break down.