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How to Curb Freshman Attrition

A Third of Your Freshmen   Disappear. 5

In a time of declining enrollments and shrinking high-school classes, you can’t afford to lose a third of your first-year class. A holistic approach that combines financial support with enhanced advising, earlier identification of struggling students, and a focus on fostering a sense of belonging has proven successful at one college. Could it work for yours?

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    A Third of Your Freshmen Disappear. How Can You Keep Them?

    Colleges redesign the first-year experience to improve retention, learning outcomes, and students’ sense of belonging.
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    Freshmen ‘Are Souls That Want to Be Awakened’

    “I know your doubts and fears, and I’ll have your back till the end of the semester.” That’s the message that Bryan Dewsbury, a biology professor at the University of Rhode Island, wants to get across to first-year students.
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    The Best Freshman Year Is a Gap Year

    A purposeful year off before college is the best way to ensure that more students arrive on campus prepared to declare both a major and a mission.