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re:Learning on Video

Video Log for ReLearning

The Chronicle’s re:Learning video series explores the new education landscape with innovators from within and outside academe.

Hosted by Chronicle editors and reporters, the series explores fresh ideas about teaching, policy, racial and economic equity, and technology. Watch as the new CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education talks about ways to ensure that ed tech is an “accelerant to good practice,” not just another expense, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Heather Hiles describes the need for entrepreneurs to better understand the students they aim to serve. Other segments feature discussions on the future of MOOCs (now that the hype has faded), the lasting value of experiential learning, and the power of an (organized) road trip to help students discover their passion. The series also includes curated video clips of conference speakers from SXSW EDU and the ASU+GSV Summit, accompanied by commentary from Chronicle reporters. For more on educational innovation, explore The Chronicle’s re:Learning project.