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The 2016 Influence List


The people who made a mark — for better or worse.

  • Inequality Fighter

    Rosa Ines Rivera gave voice to struggling campus service workers.
  • Survivor

    “Emily Doe” spoke up for those who have survived sexual assault.
  • Affirmative-Action Convert

    Justice Anthony M. Kennedy changed his opinion of race-conscious admissions and helped secure them in higher ed.
  • Reconcilers

    Karran Harper Royal and Richard J. Cellini pushed a college to reckon with its slaveholding past.
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    Curricular Activist

    Marcia Chatelain used social media to turn a syllabus into a tool for social justice.
  • Safe-Space Antagonist

    John (Jay) Ellison took a campus debate national by challenging safe spaces.
  • Post-Truth President

    Donald Trump won the country’s highest office by eschewing facts and openly doubting scholarly expertise.
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    Union Organizer

    Julie Kushner guided graduate students behind the scenes as they challenged private colleges.
  • Stubborn Governor

    Gov. Bruce V. Rauner put public colleges in Illinois on shaky financial ground by holding up the state’s budget.
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    Competency Champion

    Charla S. Long leads a movement to ensure quality in competency-based education.